Xela Roasters: Screwston Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review

Xela Roasters: Screwston Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review

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Xela Roasters is a local company here in Houston, Texas. There really isn’t much info about them on their website. They are a local coffee roaster that sells their blends of coffees. They also use Fair Trade coffee beans. I just happen to stumble upon them when I was on reddit and saw that they had come out with a cold brew coffee in a bottle that is very reminiscent of the famous Actavis cough syrup bottle. It was used in what people liked to call “sizzurp”. Yes, it was novelty looking but it was also a local brand so I had to try it. They said that the coffee used in this is a combo of seasonal coffee blends. They said that this has a sweet brew with milk chocolate tones and bright fruity accents. It is also brewed at a medium level and has a flavor profile of cocoa and brown sugars topped with mild raspberry tones. Another note is the delivery process. I ordered it online and it was shipped to my front door in a box. The problem, however, is what if it sits in the box all day on my doorstep with the full sun out.



The first smelling of the bottle is a very rich dark roast smell. After taking the first sip the first you notice is a very high amount of acidity as it hits your tongue. This is possibly the sourest coffee I have had period, including the hot brewed coffees.  The sour taste flows all the way back to the back of the tongue. This is very strange and haven’t had any coffee like this. It rarely even goes past the mid portion of the tongue. There is a slight bitterness which you can taste however I think the majority of the bitterness is covered up by a large amount of sourness. There is no coffee taste as you first drink it, it just tastes like sour water.  You do get a hint of the flavor after the liquid washes down your throat and you are left with the body of the coffee. There is a nice dark roast flavor left on your tongue.  The body is very average. The price of this bottle is $8 for 12 ounces, which is $0.67 per ounce which is pretty high even for a concentrate. This bottle makes 3 cups of coffee.



I really had high hopes for this Screwston Cold Brew Coffee but sadly this coffee falls on many many points. You really can’t tell that this was cold brewed because it has all the points of it being a hot brewed coffee, with it being super sour. Flavor was only available after the sourness was washed off the tongue. This is not something I would recommend unless you like drinking hot brewed coffee, then this might be something to look into. If you are looking for cold brewed coffee, however, this doesn’t provide any of the benefits of the cold brewing. Also, it is very expensive per ounce.

Xela Roasters: Screwston Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Bottle

Xela Roasters: Screwston Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Xela Roasters

Price: $8 for a 12 oz bottle, $0.67 oz.


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