Whole Foods: Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Review

Whole Foods: Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Review

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Whole foods, what more do you need to say, the original organic supermarket. As far as their cold brew I am not really sure when they started to brew their own. I wasn’t even aware that they did a regular non flavored one until I saw this display with the Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee. They apparently have at the bar inside some of the Whole Foods, the cold brew coffee on tap. That is really cool and I will definitely try it and review it when I get the chance.


A little information about Vietnamese coffee before we get into the review. Vietnamese coffee is strong, very strong.

The first smell coming from the bottle is a nice strong dark roast flavor. The flavor is the same all the way through just a nice chocolate milk like flavor. There is a slight acidity which is masked by the sweet condensed milk. Then as it rolls to the back of your mouth you get a nice strong coffee flavor that comes out of the smooth milky taste. This is also very smooth all the way from the first sip to the last taste. There is also a great body in the cold brew. The coffee flavor lingers on your tongue and fills your mouth with the roast flavor. It stays on for quite a bit of time. Another thing is that it is really strong. This one bottle I s drank 3 days in a row and felt the caffeine rush hard every single day. This is really a great cold brew. The price of the bottle is $5.50 for 16 ounces, so per oz it is $0.34. This is about the mean price for cold brew coffee.


Whole foods has done great with this cold brew coffee, this is one of the best cold brews that I have had the opportunity to drink. It comes in smooth and goes down smooth. They added just the right amount of sweetness to cover up the bitterness and the sourness of the drink but still allow the coffee flavor to shine through. This in itself is a feat. I would recommend everyone grabbing a bottle to try.


Whole Foods: Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Whole Foods: Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: No Website

Price: $5.50 for a 16 oz bottle, $0.34 oz.


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