Whole Foods: Cold Brew Coffee Original Review

Whole Foods: Cold Brew Coffee Original Review


Whole foods, what more do you need to say, the original organic supermarket. As far as their cold brew I am not really sure when they started to brew their own. I became more aware of the cold brew offerings after I had bought the Vietnamese Cold brew Coffee from Whole Foods. Today I will be trying the original cold brew coffee. There really is no information anywhere on any website about this.


It has a nice mild noted coffee scent. When you take the first drink of it you get a very clean front, no acidity at all. It taste like just clean water as it sits in the front of your tongue. As it goes back further into the middle point of your tongue you get a slight upturn of acidity but it is very slight. When it gets to the back of your tongue you are hit with a slight bitterness, it isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t break the overall taste of the drink. The coffee flavor isn’t very strong it is very subtle, however, it does have a very very full body. You can still feel it in your mouth for quite a bit of time after you finish it. The caffeine is pretty strong in this drink, only drinking about a 4th of the drink and I can feel myself wired. The price is $4.00 for a 16 oz bottle which is $0.25 per ounce.


It definitely isn’t as good as the Vietnamese cold brew coffee that Whole Foods makes. Even though that one is mixed with condensed milk you can still taste the coffee shining through. This one is just straight up coffee and it just doesn’t have that strong coffee flavor you would expect to come through. Even with such a small amount of coffee flavor it does last quite a bit in your mouth, it really has a robust body. It is a smooth cold brew with just minor bitterness. This is something I would get again, even though it doesn’t have a strong upfront coffee flavor it does give you a linger coffee feel for a low cost.

Whole Foods: Cold Brew Coffee Original Bottle

Whole Foods: Cold Brew Coffee Original Bottle


Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: No Website

Price: $4.00 for a 16 oz bottle, $0.25 oz.


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