Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee Review

Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee Review


Victory Beer is a company that was started by Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski. They have had a friendship for years and together with their love of beer started this company. They took the old Pepperidge Farm factory to make it a full-service restaurant as well as a brewery. They are a local craft brewery in Pennsylvania brewing over 125,000 barrels of beer a year. They brew 44 different types of beers according to their website. For me however only one is of interest to me which is their Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee. They use beans from a local roaster: One Village Coffee. They craft and roast in small batches to get the freshest brew possible. They use Fair Trade and USDA organic coffee beans. They also give back a lot to the community with all their coffee sales. I, however, am not sure what the exact mix of coffee to beer. I have asked and will edit this once I know.


When you pop open the bottle you get a nice sweet hoppy flavor with a very light coffee smell. When you first drink the beer you get a very light bitter hoppy taste. You get some of the maltiness that really helps even out the bitterness you get from the beer when you first drink it.  In the middle of the drink, you get this nice sweet and smoothness. It being a cream ale helps to really smooth out the drink. At the very end, it goes into the hoppy beer flavor which levels off quickly and your mouth gets filled with that familiar coffee flavor. It is very clean like the Shiner Cold Brew Coffee Ale, only that it isn’t as strong and flavorful. The price is $2.24 for a 12 oz bottle which is $0.19 per ounce


Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee is the second cold brew coffee that I have tried. Although similar concepts they are different in their taste. It is a solid Cold Brew Coffee Beer, you can actually taste the coffee cleanly as it comes off the end after all the beer. Very easy to drink and smooth from start to end. The only thing that I would change with it, is that if the roast was a little darker or the coffee was more concentrated so you could really get that coffee flavor at the tail end. Although can’t complain if you get a chance try this beer out, it won’t leave you disappointed!

Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Victory Cream Ale with Cold Brew Coffee 

Price: $2.24 for a 12 oz cup, $0.19 oz.


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