UCC: Beans & Roasters Cold Brew Ice Coffee Review

UCC: Beans & Roasters Cold Brew Ice Coffee Review


Ah yes the UCC company. It was founded in Japan in 1951 by Mr Ueshima, which is proclaimed to be the father of coffee in Japan. UCC stands for Ueshima Coffee Co. In 1969 they actually developed the world’s first canned coffee beverage. UCC owns two coffee estates, one in Jamaica and one in Kona, Hawaii. All their coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. They just came out this new cold brew line, it is so new it isn’t even listed on their website. UCC is a huge company that if you have ever been to Asia you have seen their products at convenience stores. I actually got this at the Hong Kong airport and it actually came with a Coleman carabiner. Yea, weird I know.


When you first open the bottle you get a very fresh smelling roast flavor with a little bit of sweetness. There a sweet water taste beginning not overtly overpowering. As you take it in to the middle of the mouth you get more of a fruity sweet flavor. Which leads me to believe that the sourness at the beginning was masked by the sugar because you get a hint of it with the fruity taste here in the middle of the mouth. Then as it goes into the back of the mouth you don’t get a very strong coffee flavor, it is very watered down. It was just very light hints of coffee. The body as you can expect it was very weak. The price per bottle is $1.93 (15 HKD) per 12.78 oz (375 g). That is $0.15 per oz.


I would have expected a better showing from UCC with their strict quality control standards. I am sure the coffee is made with good beans, water and technique however it has just been overly diluted to the point there really isn’t a coffee flavor. If you are looking for a slightly sweet coffee flavored water drink then this is what you are looking for. It isn’t for serious coffee drinkers. I mean the Coleman carabiner is nice if you want to buy it just for that it might be worth it.


UCC: Beans & Roasters Cold Brew Ice Coffee Can

UCC: Beans & Roasters Cold Brew Ice Coffee Can

Coleman Carabiner that came with my cold brew!

Coleman Carabiner that came with my cold brew!

Here is a link to learn more about their company: UCC

Price: $3.99 for a 10. 5 oz bottle, $0.38 oz.


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