Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Review

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Review

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Started in 1999 it started off as a Brick and Mortar store in Portland, Oregon. They are probably the most well known cold brew coffee brand in the US currently. Roasting its own coffee grinds and serving up hot brewed coffee. They started brewing cold brew commercially in March 2011. The coffee bean that they procure is from different countries around the equator. They fly to these locations and go straight to the actual farmers growing the coffee beans. They pay higher prices for the bean, although, they do not say fair trade anywhere on their website. However it is easy to see a trend with all these cold brew coffee brands that they all do fair trade. Stumptown is different because I do not see anywhere on their website that they say the coffee bean that they source is organic. They roast their own coffee beans, but no where can I find what bean the cold brew is made out of. They seem to put a lot of effort into roasting and it looks like to them is one of the most important components in making the perfect coffee. There is not much info on the actual brewing of the cold brew on their website. The only thing I gathered was that they steep it for over 12 hours and that they use a double filtration system. No other info besides that.


On to the taste of the cold brew. Before tasting I took a whiff of the drink and it has a very nice roast fragrance not to strong or too soft. While taking the first sip of the coffee you get this hit of high sourness and then almost as fast as it came it goes away with the coffee flavor coming through. There is zero bitterness with this coffee, none at all, not even a tiny hint of it, keep in mind this is without any sugar or any other flavoring added. The coffee flavor that comes through is a nice mild coffee flavor. You can really get the flavor of the roast coming from the coffee as it sits in your mouth. The thing about this cold brew is that it is totally full body, so you get that full coat feeling in your mouth. Even though there is a lot of sourness you don’t really get that sour mouth aftertaste like most coffees. What you do get however is this nice subtle roast flavor in your mouth that just lingers in your mouth for sometime. It is amazing that this coffee is able to be so full bodied and just stay in your mouth for such a long time, it is just a testament to the steeping process that Stumptown has done. The smoothness of the coffee is just really unlike other cold brews. I picked this up at Whole Foods for $3.49 for 10.5 oz, which is $0.33/oz, which is the lowest price cold brew I have had yet if only by $0.02 (not counting Starbucks Cold Brew).


After the first few sips of the coffee I was already to write it off, but the more I drank it the more I started to like it. It starts off sour but with nice coffee flavor afterwards that last in your mouth for a long time. There is no bitterness and no other additional flavoring in this cold brew. This is perfect for people that like pure unadulterated coffee but not the bitterness. If you don’t like the sourness of coffee this is probably not the coffee for you. Also the caffeine content in this bottle is pretty high, after drinking about 3/4 of the bottle I can feel it effect and boy is it strong. It isn’t easy to produce the flavoring, body, and the smoothness that Stumptown has done, but it seems like they have mastered it.

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $3.49 for a 10.5 oz bottle, $0.33 oz.


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