STōK Cold Brew Coffee Review


The first time I heard about STōK was about 6 years ago on one of my long road trips back from Austin to Houston. It is a 3 hour drive and sometime you needed a pick me up. They sold in the gas stations this tiny little shots to mix with your coffee or drink straight up. Now it seems like STōK has went all in on the cold brew and re-branded themselves as only making that. According to their website they steep the coffee grounds in cool water for at least 10 hours. Then they take it out and filter which they say it results in smoother less bitter brew. That’s it nothing about their beans or their roast.


There is a very faint vanilla mixed with coffee smell coming from my glass once you pour it. When you first bring it into your mouth it taste like water just clean pure water and nothing else. There is no acidity at all. As you bring it into the middle of the mouth there is a slight vanilla taste. There is no other ingredients in here except the coffee but somehow it is still able to achieve this vanilla taste. Then finally as it goes back to the back of your mouth you get the coffee flavor but it is so neutered. There is so little coffee flavor it is more like coffee flavored water. There is no bitterness. I think this has just been watered down way too much. There really is no caffeine in this cold brew “coffee”. The bottle says 95 mg of caffeine in every cup, where is it? Also there really is no body to speak of as there is no flavor in this drink. The price is $4.49 for a 48 oz bottle which is $0.10 per ounce. That is almost cheaper than water!

Update: Ok I thought maybe I didn’t shake it up and therefore caused everything to settle at the bottom and wasn’t give it a fair shake. (yes, hilarious). However even after shaking it is only mildly better with just a slight slight hint of body. This thing really is that watered down.


STōK Cold Brew Coffee is probably the most watered down cold brew coffee I have drank thus far. It literally tastes like water from beginning to end there is really nothing to say. It has peeps of flavor that come through here and there, however, for the most part you are drinking coffee flavored water. There is no caffeine in it either I drank a cup of it and then proceeded to fall asleep. Yes it is cheap per ounce but you probably need to drink like 3 cups to feel any effect. I would never get this again. I guess you could get it if you hate drinking coffee but want to impress your coffee friends.

STōK Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

STōK Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: STōK Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $4.49 for a 48 oz bottle, $0.10 oz.


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