Shiner Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Ale Review

Shiner Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Ale Review


Shiner Beer is brewed in Shiner, Texas ever since 1909. They are about as Texas as Texas can be. They are a craft brewery and at the time of this writing, they are the 5th largest craft brewery and the 10th largest overall brewery in the United States. They are also the oldest independent brewery in Texas. They come out with a Birthday Beer every year, however, every year they do a little something different. In 2016 they teamed up with Chameleon Cold Brew to make their first coffee ale. The cold brew that they put in is their standard Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. Which is made by steeping the coffee for 16 hours and during that 16 hours they are actually agitated constantly. This helps get more flavor out as during the cold brew process the grinds actually settle. Chameleon is also a big brand from Texas so this pairing seems very fitting for the two.


It has a nice ale bouquet with some of the cold brew coffee coming up at the tail end when you pop the top of the bottle. When you drink it you get this nice clean hoppy taste at the beginning with a little of the sweetness but not much in terms of bold flavors. When you get to the end of the mouth that is when you get the hoppiness coming out with more of that sweetness. That flavor, however, ends quickly and then the cold brew coffee comes in afterward and really fills your mouth with that nice coffee flavor. The coffee flavor is so clean and able to come out separately at the end of the beer and not blended with it. The price is $2.24 for a 12 oz bottle which is $0.19 per ounce


When I first drank this I was floored that with such a strong flavor from the beer that the cold brew coffee was able to manifest itself in such a nice a strong flavor at the tail end of the drink. I have had a couple coffee beers but this is the first one that has truly amazed me. If you like beer and you like cold brew coffee this is the drink for you and I guarantee you it won’t leave you disappointed.

Shiner Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Ale Bottle

Shiner Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Ale Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Shiner Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Ale

Price: $2.24 for a 12 oz cup, $0.19 oz.


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