Rebbl: Maca Cold Brew Flavor Review

Rebbl: Maca Cold Brew Flavor Review

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Rebbl is a new company, their name stands for Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark and Leaves. They are about making drinks with natural ingredients and nothing artificial. They use organic and fair trade coffee beans. There is zero other info about the cold brew coffee they brew. Rebbl donates 2.5% of its revenue to prevent human trafficking. This drink does contain Maca root so I should explain what that is. Maca is called the Peruvian Ginseng. It is a relative of the radish and has a taste similar to butterscotch. Maca is used to support healthy energy levels, stamina and endurance, healthy hormone balance, healthy and balanced adrenal function. There are a host of other things it does but those are the main things. I am not sure if it really does all that, but that doesn’t matter for our purposes.


Interesting note is that coffee is not even the first ingredient in this, it is coconut milk. Upon opening the bottle and taking a few sniffs of the bottle, you get a chocolate/coffee flavor. It isn’t a very strong smell but it is there. The first flavor you get as you drink the cold brew is a slight sour taste. It then sweeps back more and you get this creamy texture in your mouth. Keep in mind this is soy and dairy free. Then as it goes more back you get this sweetness that is from a fruit and you get some chocolate notes as well. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes like one of those chocolate bars with the dried fruit inside. This I assume is the doing of the maca root extract that they put in. Then as that goes away you get a slight coffee flavor. It has a an average body but not very impressed about the body compared to how creamy it is. The caffeine isn’t very strong either. The price of this bottle is $2.99 for 12 ounces, which is $0.25 per ounce.


This is a very neat concept for the coffee, adding the maca to it really made it unique. The drink itself taste like I said before melted fruit chocolate bar. This drink goes down very easy and is very smooth.  Unfortunately again this could literally be any other drink because it doesn’t really have much coffee taste at all. If you want a tasty drink that goes down easy and is vegan this is it just don’t expect it to keep you up.

Rebbl: Maca Cold Brew Flavor Bottle

Rebbl: Maca Cold Brew Flavor Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Rebbl: Maca Cold Brew Flavor

Price: $2.99 for a 12 oz bottle, $0.25 oz.



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