Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Old School Review

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Old School Review


I got this new Lucky Jack at the local Sprouts. Looking at their website it was started by Richard Karno in 2013. He had previously been the largest organic coffee roaster in LA before starting Lucky Jack. This brand is the first nitrogenated cold brew available in bottles. (I guess that is true, I have had cans I have had aluminum bottles, but this is the first glass bottle nitro I have had). They like almost everyone in the cold brew sector uses 100% organic Arabica beans. There is no info on their site about how they brew the coffee except that it is hand crafted in small batches. They have besides the Old School I am reviewing today they have Double Black, Sweet Thing, Lean Bean, and Mary Jane.


This review will mark the first year anniversary of my cold brew reviews!

First off before I get to the taste, this is the second one of these bottles I have opened and this one exploded everywhere because the cap was so hard to pull off. Thankfully the coffee has a great chocolate smell almost like a light milk chocolate. It is such an intoxicating fragrance and really the first cold brew to give me this feeling. I did the hard pour on this and there wasn’t much of a head on it, although it could also be a possibility that in the 5 minutes I spent trying to clean up the coffee on my table the nitrogen went away. You can hear the nitro bubbles popping in this but not as violently as the Califia Nitro Cold Brew. The first sip is slightly bitter, which is not expected at all. The bitterness usually props up in the second or third phase of the mouth, never the first. There are some slight berry undertones among all the bitterness. There is no acidity in the cold brew at all though, which is good. During the second part of the mouth you get the bitterness lifted away rather quickly and the berry undertones start to lift a little. Then after that at the end of the tasting you get the full force of the coffee flavor at the end. It is almost like having a mouthful of coffee beans, it is that strong of a flavor. There is a slight dark cacao and burnt taste in the coffee flavor at the end. The caffeine content in this one is not as strong as the Double Black one. The body is above average which you would expect it to have after the huge coffee blast at the tail end of the drink. The price per bottle is $3.99 per 10.5 oz. That is $0.38 per oz.


I was excited to try this as Lucky Jack’s Double Black was so good. Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Old School fell a little flat to me. The bitterness at the beginning of this drink is just something unexpected to have so early in the drink, it really disrupts the drink to me. Then also at the end it was just too much coffee flavor for me. If there is such thing as having something too little coffee flavor, there is also the opposite of having too much coffee flavor. Like I said above it really is like having a mouthful of slightly burnt coffee beans in your mouth. Some people might like that, but I personally thought it was overbearing. Given how much I liked the Double Black I was disappointed in this one.


Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Old School Bottle

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Old School Bottle


Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Old School

Price: $3.99 for a 10. 5 oz bottle, $0.38 oz.



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