Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Double Black Review

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Double Black Review


I just happened to come across this one day at Costco and of course I had to get it. Looking at their website it was started by Richard Karno in 2013. He had previously been the largest organic coffee roaster in LA before starting Lucky Jack. This brand is the first nitrogenated cold brew available in bottles. (I guess that is true, I have had cans I have had aluminum bottles, but this is the first glass bottle nitro I have had). They like almost everyone in the cold brew sector uses 100% organic Arabica beans. There is no info on their site about how they brew the coffee except that it is hand crafted in small batches. They have besides the Double Black I am reviewing today they have Old School, Sweet Thing, Lean Bean, and Mary Jane.


After opening the bottle you hear a rush of air escaping the bottle and also wisps of the nitrogen floating into the air.  The smell from the bottle is a strong roast smell.  After giving it a hard pour you can see there is a nice head that is forming around the top of the drink. When you take a sip of it the first thing you get is some of the acidity. It isn’t very strong, it is just a slight twinge of sourness. As it flows into the middle section of the mouth you get the sourness starting to go away as you get a little of the bitterness coming through but it is so smooth with the nitro it doesn’t really interrupt the drink at all. Then when you get the the very end you just get this explosion of coffee flavor. It is such an intense dark roast flavor that comes out at the very end, no wonder they call it double black. The body is super robust staying in your mouth for at least 10 plus minutes.  The caffeine is super strong, you can feel it hit you as you drink it. Again this is another Nitro that actually did what it was supposed to. You can hear the bubbles popping albeit not as much as the Califia Nitro one. The price per bottle is $3.99 per 10.5 oz. That is $0.38 per oz.


Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Double Jack is just a really good cold brew. It hits all the high points of being smooth, robust body, intense flavor, and little acidity. It was so close to being the perfect bottle of cold brew. If they could tweak the way they make it, they would have the best bottle of cold brew on the market bar none. If you like the flavor of coffee and really need to pump yourself full of caffeine this is the coffee for you. I would get this again. I am also excited to try the rest of their cold brew line.

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Double Black Bottle

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Double Black Bottle


Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Double Black

Price: $3.99 for a 10. 5 oz bottle, $0.38 oz.



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