Kona Mountain Coffee Bold Cold Brew Review

Kona Mountain Coffee Bold Cold Brew Review


I had the great opportunity to go to Kona Mountain Coffee when I was visiting Kona. They started their farm in 1986. To be called 100% pure Kona coffee the coffee has to be grown within an approximately 3 by 7 mile area on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They have approximately 90 acres of land and are one of the largest coffee farms on the Kona Island. They harvest, dry, and roast their own beans as well. According to their website they produce the Kona coffee in a environmentally friendly manner. They use the fresh coffee skins for weed control or use it as a form of fertilizer. They clean the coffee wash water and aerate it and use it again in their irrigation. The branches that are cut from pruning are mulched and used year after year. The great coffee comes from the volcanic soil on the island. They also have a small brick and mortar store where they sell cups of coffee that are brewed with their beans. You can also buy bags of their ground beans and whole beans as well. There are also some other items as well as candy, seasonings and coffee accessories.


The cup of coffee has a nice chocolate aroma coming off it as you get your nose close to it. As you bring it in at the beginning it has a nice neutral clean flavor. It almost feels like you are drinking water, which is a testament to just how undisturbed and natural their water is. As the coffee goes further back into your throat you get a slight bitterness in the coffee but nothing strong enough to disrupt the drink. There is a very nice strong coffee flavor as it coats your tongue. The flavor is very robust dancing on your tongue for about 10 minutes after drinking it. When you breathe in through your nose you get that coffee flavor from your mouth. The caffeine is actually quite strong in this one. This was their bold version, they also had a mild version as well. The price of this cup is $2.40 for 8 ounces (it is really 12 ounces but there is ice so I assume its not a full 12 ounces), which is $0.30 per ounce.


It is a small place tucked at the end of a strip shopping center. If you looked at it from the outside you wouldn’t expect it to be such a unique coffee shop/coffee store. I am really glad I stopped by this place to grab this great cup of cold brew. This is the best cold brew I have ever had. From the zero acidity to the clean taste in the beginning to the low bitterness and the full robust body. It also is the lowest price of all the cold brews I have reviewed. If you have a chance and love cold brew you owe it to yourself to stop by and try their cold brew coffee. This is THE BEST COLD BREW COFFEE I have drank to date.

Kona Mountain Coffee Bold Cold Brew Cup

Kona Mountain Coffee Bold Cold Brew Cup

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Kona Mountain Coffee Bold Cold Brew

Price: $2.40 for a 12 (really 8 oz cup), $0.30 oz.


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