Katz Cold Brew Coffee Velvet Espresso Blend Review

Katz Cold Brew Coffee Velvet Espresso Blend Review


Katz Coffee company started in Houston in 2003. They do small batch, custom roasting. They use like almost everyone organic coffee. They get coffee beans from a lot of different countries and do direct trade with them thereby cutting out the middleman. The countries they get the coffee from range from Ethiopia to Colombia. That is pretty much all on their website. There is no mention of their cold brew lines at all.


When you first open the bottle and take sniff of the coffee you get a nice coffee smell with hints of sweetness. The first sip as it hits the beginning of your mouth is a sour first note, that is quite a bit more than you would expect from a cold brew. Then as it travels to the middle of your tongue you get that sour note traveling back there as well. This is where the sour taste slightly drops off as it goes to the back of your mouth. Once in the back you get this explosion of coffee flavor. The flavor is strong and bold. It also gives off this nice mild chocolate flavor with a slight sweetness. The body is very shallow the flavor only sticks in your mouth for a couple of seconds before it leaves again. The price of the bottle was $5.50 for a 16 ounce bottle, which is $0.35 oz.


Katz Cold Brew Coffee a local Houston company that has just entered the cold brew game. Their coffee flavor is good, you can tell that they not only use good coffee beans but also roast them well. They just need to tweak the roast to make it more darker or a little less extraction time. I think that would get rid of some of the acidity and make it more neutral. The way it is now is a slightly less than average cold brew coffee.

Katz Cold Brew Coffee Velvet Espresso Blend Bottle

Katz Cold Brew Coffee Velvet Espresso Blend Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their coffee: Katz Coffee

Price: $5.50 for a 16 oz bottle, $0.35 oz.


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