High Brew Coffee: Black & Bold Review

High Brew Coffee: Black & Bold Review


High Brew Coffee is a pretty big and popular name down here in Texas for cold brew coffee. They are known for putting their drinks in smaller can sizes, which are only 8 oz. There isn’t much info about the company besides the fact that it was again started in Austin, Texas by a husband and wife. It looks like it started sometime around 2014 give or take a year (the website never mentions it). They start off with Fair Trade Arabica beans, however, no mention of the beans being organic. High Brew roasts their own beans giving them a light medium roast. Then they coarsely grind the beans and let it soak in room temperature water. No mention of how many hours they do it for. Also a note of interest it seems as they do it at a warmer temperature than most people, as most companies do it at cooler temperatures. They add pure cane sugar and some Stevia to all their drinks to give it some more flavor. They have 5 flavors Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Black & Bold. Today I will be trying the Black & Bold.


The can advertises that the small can has 2 times the amount of caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. This also does not have any dairy in it, it only has the sugar and Stevia mentioned before. After taking some sniffs of the can the coffee flavor from the can isn’t really there. There is no strong roast flavor, just slight wisps of it. The first sip of the coffee you get a nice smooth almost creamy like texture to the coffee. Which is due to the sugar that is put into it. It does however have a very slight hint of sweet from the 1 gram of sugar and Stevia that they put into the can. Then the bitterness creeps up on you. Just very very gently sneaks in. After the initial creaminess goes away the bitterness then sits on your tongue. There is no acidity at all in the coffee, I don’t know if the sugar helps mask that but there just isn’t any. The body is less than average doesn’t really last that long in your mouth but also doesn’t disappear in an instant. This is all good and all for a cold brew coffee profile except there is no coffee flavor. You could serve it flavor unknown and I don’t think people could pick out that is coffee. All good things except no flavor at all. The price of this was $2.17 per 8 oz, which is $0.27 per oz. This is a lot less than most cold brews out there and evidently the exact same price per ounce as the Starbucks Cold Brew.


All in all this is a good drink, but this isn’t a drink review site, its a cold brew coffee one. This is where the drink fails, there really is no coffee taste other than the wisps of coffee fragrance coming from the open can. I am not sure if that is a product of the sugar and/or Stevia or something with the bean but the coffee flavor just was not there. The good points was really no acidity and the bitterness was very mild, also it had a creamy texture without any dairy. Like I said before if you want to get caffeine in your body and don’t like coffee taste this would really be the drink for you.

High Brew Coffee: Black & Bold Can

High Brew Coffee: Black & Bold Can

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: High Brew Coffee: Black & Bold 

Price: $2.17 for a 10 oz bottle, $0.27 oz.

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