Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte Review

Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte Review


I got this in Hong Kong at City Super which is a Japanese based supermarket. However this cold brew coffee is actually from Korea, yea funny, I know. Handium is the largest cold brew coffee facility in Korea. According to their website, they only make cold brew coffee products. I can’t really read anything else on their website so if anyone knows Korean and wants to help me translate the information on their website let me know! The only thing I could find from google translate is that they roast their own beans. I am going to be trying their RTD (ready to drink) cold brew coffee latte flavor today.


There is a nice cafe latte smell emanating from the bottle after you open it. The first thing you get when you drink it is a sweet and creaminess of whole milk. There is a light nutty flavor that is bubbling under the surface that it is very muted but you can get hints of it. There is some acidity in this, but you can’t taste it because it is so masked by the milk, however, you can feel the after taste of it on your tongue. Then as you bring it into the second part of your mouth that nutty flavor comes through to the surface and is about a 50/50 ratio with the sweetness. Then as you get it to the back of your mouth you get the full nutty flavor of the coffee and the sweetness of the milk gets muted a bit. The coffee flavor is masked a lot by the milk that is in it. Which isn’t a surprise looking at the back of the can it says that milk makes up 15% of this drink, the cold brew coffee extract makes up 13%, and the coffee concentrate makes up 0.9%. The body on this coffee is only average, but you would expect it to be a lot more robust because of the higher milk content. Also, there isn’t much caffeine in it either. The price is $3.47 for a 9.3 oz bottle which is $0.37 per ounce


This Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte is very easy to drink. It is very smooth all the way through, however, there is just too much milk flavor and not enough coffee flavor. That being said if you like Starbuck’s latte this tastes a lot better and has more flavor as well, not to mention a lot cheaper as well. I am interested in trying their black cold brew coffee to see how the coffee itself taste because at least the flavor is good in this one but it is just very weak. On another note, the Asian countries seem to all be jumping on this cold brew coffee trend. I see more popping up all over the place now at the local Asain supermarkets.

Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte Can

Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte Can

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Handium Cold Brew Coffee Latte Review

Price: $3.47 for a 9.3 oz bottle, $0.37 oz.


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