Georgia: Cold Brew Coffee Black Review

Georgia: Cold Brew Coffee Black Review


I actually picked this up at City Super in Hong Kong, which is a famous Japanese supermarket. The Georgia is actually a brand of Coca-Cola that first started in Japan in 1975. The Georiga brand is used to market their coffee drinks. The brand is actually so popular it actually outsells its Coca-Cola brand in Japan. That is all the info I could get about the company. Also, there is more info on their website, however, I can’t read Japanese and google translator isn’t working on their website. I will just have to assume that they brew it in cold water for a long period of time.


There is a milky smell like a latte when you pour it out, which is strange since it is a straight black coffee. After the first sip, there is an average acidity to it however, there is a slight fruity sweetness to it. In the middle of the mouth the acidity disappears and then a savory flavor appears. There is a little bit of bitterness as it flows from the middle of the mouth to the back of it and then there is an explosion of coffee flavor. The coffee flavor is very nice and smooth and has a nice medium roast flavor. There is also a bit of chocolaty taste to it as well. Not the milk chocolate kind but the real chocolate. The body was shallow for such a nice bold flavor. The price of the bottle was $2.83 for an 8.96 ounce bottle, which is $0.32 oz.


When I first turned the Georgia Cold Brew Coffee Black bottle around and found out that it was made by Coke I was shocked. It is a pretty good coffee and I can tell why they are so successful with this brand in Asia. You can tell the coffee was roasted well as all the different notes are able to come out when you drink it. Although the only thing lacking on it was the body if they could make it a little more robust this coffee would be at the top for sure.

Georgia: Cold Brew Coffee Black Bottle

Georgia: Cold Brew Coffee Black Bottle


Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Georiga: Cold Brew Coffee Black

Price: $2.83 for an 8.96 oz bottle, $0.32 oz.



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