Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee: Black & Blue Review

Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee: Black & Blue Review

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The Cuvee company started in 1998 in Austin, Texas. They started as a coffee bean roaster. I can start to see a trend here. They here also use fair traded coffee beans, but they don’t say anything on their website about organic beans. Cuvee also have a brick and mortar location. They I believe, were the first ones to serve the cold brew coffee using nitro. You can also get it on tap as well. The nitro is supposed to make smaller bubbles in the drink which in theory will make the drink more creamy and smooth. It also gives it more body as well. A popular brand of beer that uses nitro is Guinness. So if you have ever drank Guinness you understand what the nitro brings. The kind I am trying is their can which is also canned with nitro. Inside there is a thingy that helps release the nitro whenever you open the can.


I poured this one first into a cup because of the nitro. It is supposed to pour out and give a nice head. It kinda made a head but it wasn’t thick but I guess it is more than you would see if I poured out a regular cup of coffee.  First smelling the coffee it had a nice dark roast smell, however, it wasn’t very strong. The beginning tone of this is a very mild sour taste on the onset of the coffee. The sourness lasts a little longer than other cold brews I have tried so far. Then as the sourness fades away you are left with nothing. Literally there is time where you have the absence of any flavor. Then afterward you get this slight bitter flavor mixed with the coffee flavor. It is a very mild taste which you wouldn’t expect with the fancy nitro technology they put into this can. The coffee is smooth though which I can’t tell if its a function of the nitro or the coffee itself. It is a very light body, there wasn’t very much coating of the mouth. It lasted in your mouth for a very short amount of time, which again is disappointing given that that is the whole point of the nitro. If anything it is worse in body than a regular cold brew. I paid $3.99 for this at Whole Foods for 12 oz. In reality it might be a little less with the nitro gizmo they put in the can. The price per oz turns out to be $0.33/oz. which is the same as the Stumptown which is on the lower end of what I have tried so far.


This cold brew coffee by itself is average. It has a great smell with the deep roast smell. It has very mild notes of sourness, bitterness, and actual coffee flavor. I wouldn’t but this except if you want to see their nitro technology, because inside is not a very exciting cold brew coffee. It is great to think out of the box and use new technology, although I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one. As the nitro adds nothing to this coffee. Although I have to admit that I have heard that this coffee on tap is a million times better. I will have to try when I come across a place that has it on tap.

Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee: Black & Blue Can

Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee: Black & Blue Can

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $3.99 for a 12 oz can, $0.33 oz.


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