Cold Bloom Cold Brew Coffee Review

Cold Bloom Cold Brew Coffee Review


I would like to thank Cold Bloom who was nice enough to send me 2 bottles of their Cold Brew Coffee for me to test out. The following is a small introduction to their company that was written by them:

“We are a small- batch brewer of specialty grade cold brewed coffee and tea, in Cleveland, OH. We brew our coffee exclusively with Yama Drip Towers to highlight the acidity in the coffees that we use. All of our coffee is roasted by Troubadour coffee in Cleveland. We change our coffees pretty randomly. I hate when roasters use the same coffees for months at a time to save a few pennies per pound. So we will change them a few times per month. Our favorites are from Hulia, Colombia and Nyeri, Kenya for cold brew. For our tea we work with awesome importers like Rishi Tea, Silk Road Tea, and Vintage Tea.”


When you crack open this bottle you get a very nice roasted coffee smell with a slight chocolate smell. The first sip of the coffee there is a slight acidity as it touches the first part of your tongue. As it rolls into the middle of the mouth you get some of the fruity sweetness and tartness. There is some grape flavor within that mixture of flavor and it is very sweet. Then at the very end, you get a nice dark roast coffee flavor that is intertwined with the tartness. Again you get that grape flavor in the middle pulled through to the end. The body is very robust and stays in your mouth for a long time. The coffee flavor lingers and refreshes your mouth with the coffee flavor with every breath. There is no bitterness at all in the drink. It has a real high caffeine content in such a tiny bottle, you don’t need much to keep you awake. You can feel it in the first couple of sips. The price is $3.33 for a 8 oz bottle which is $0.42 per ounce.


Cold Bloom was nice enough to send me 2 bottles of their cold brew coffee to review. Otherwise, I don’t think that I would have ever had the opportunity to try out their coffee. I am glad I did as it is a really good cold brew. It is a very full flavored full bodied cold brew. I think this is the most robust cold brew I have had thus far. It just stays in your mouth even after sips of water. It is also has a very nice flavor profile with the grape flavored sweetness and tartness. Super strong caffeine content. Everything is good except it is just a little bit more expensive than most cold brew, but then again most cold brews aren’t this good. If you are ever in the area give Cold Bloom a try!

Cold Bloom Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Cold Bloom Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Cold Bloom Coffee

Price: $3.33 for a 8 oz bottle, $0.42 oz.



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