Chick-fil-A Cold Brew Coffee Original Flavor Review

Chick-fil-A Cold Brew Coffee Original Flavor Review


Chick-fil-A is known for their world famous chicken sandwiches, but did you know that they are also the first fast food chain to offer cold brew coffee as a staple item on their menu. On top of that, they are the only fast food chain to offer a specialty grade coffee. According to their website, they make their cold brew every day with fresh 2% milk and pure cane sugar. Their coffee beans are “sustainably sourced by THRIVE Farmers, a farmer-direct coffee company.” ¬†Through this THRIVE program, the farmers are able to earn 10 times more than typical coffee farmers earn now. They source their beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica and is roasted specifically for them in a specialty grade coffee blend. They use proprietary equipment and steep it up to 24 hours to create a concentrate. They said that this process is typically reserved for specialty coffee houses. Then the concentrate is bottled and sent to the stores and then made fresh to order. They have two different flavors the Original and Vanilla.


Opening the cup you can smell a sweet honey flavor coming off the cold brew and then underneath it you get a slight coffee smell. When you first drink it you get a nice clean milk taste in the beginning. It is a very refreshing sweet taste and with no coffee flavor and no acidity at all. Then as it goes to the middle of the mouth the milk taste slowly drops off and the coffee comes creeping in. Then at the final section of the mouth, you get all the sweetness went away and just a steady increase in the coffee flavor. It isn’t a very strong coffee flavor but it is decent. The only thing is that the body isn’t very robust because of the milk in the drink and therefore only lasts in the mouth for a very short amount of time. There is no bitterness in the drink and is very smooth. There is about 118 mg of caffeine in this one cup of coffee. Drinking the whole thing will put you about where a Red Bull would be in caffeine content. The price is $2.65 for a 20 oz cup which is $0.14 per ounce


I have always seen this at Chick-fil-A but never had the chance to try it. I was pleasantly surprised with the drink. It is a very smooth drink from beginning to end. The only thing is that the high milk content masks some of the coffee flavors so that when you get to that part of the drink the coffee taste muted. If you are looking for something that is easy to drink, high in caffeine and inexpensive this is it.

Chick-fil-A Cold Brew Coffee Original Flavor Cup

Chick-fil-A Cold Brew Coffee Original Flavor Cup


Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Chick-fil-A Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $2.65 for a 20 oz cup, $0.14 oz.


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