Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor Review

Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor Review

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Chameleon is the most famous brand in the cold brew coffee game at the moment down here in Texas. Although cold brew isn’t a household name yet, ask people who know about cold brew they know the brand Chameleon. They make multiple flavors which we will be reviewing all of them eventually. The one I am reviewing today is their Mexican Coffee Flavor. According to their website the company was founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas. They use 100% organic Arabica beans and Hill Country Water to produce their drink. The beans are procured using fair trade. They actually roast their own beans in house. Chameleon actually use something called air roasting, which apparently brings out the maximum flavor of the beans but keeping them not bitter. On top of that they only roast in small batches which gives them more control of the bean. They steep the coffee for 16 hours and during that 16 hours they are actually agitated constantly. This helps get more flavor out as during the cold brew process the grinds actually settle. When it settles it is harder to pull flavor out as it is compact. This is where the agitation comes in to keep them constantly afloat.


Enough of the back story time for the review. When you open a bottle of the Mexican Coffee Flavor you can smell the strong cinnamon flavor coming out of the bottle. Sure enough on the back label one of the listed ingredients is actually organic cinnamon. On first drink there are a lot of things going on at one time. It is a very very smooth drink, there is no bitter taste at all. A partial reason is the cinnamon flavor masking some of that bitterness. It has a nice coffee and cinnamony flavor as you bring it in. The coffee taste isn’t as strong as the Black Hole I just drank which was like a left hook from a boxer, this is more like a playful slap in the face from a drunk girlfriend. Which is not to say it is bad, but it is different and different works in this case. The cinnamon doesn’t overpower the flavor at all, it if anything complements the coffee flavor very well. When you drink it you actually drink some of the cinnamon as well. There are actual tiny cinnamon pieces floating around the drink, which was a nice surprise. The coffee flavor eventually washes off your tongue but what is left is the cinnamon flavor, which lingers in your mouth. As far as the acidity, it is there, but it is masked by the cinnamon flavor. This is really a full body coffee. It lasts in your mouth and tongue for quite a bit of time, especially with the cinnamon in the mix. It isn’t like a in and out of your mouth like with some cold brews. The price of a bottle of this coffee is $3.49 so per oz it is $0.35. This is about the mean price for cold brew coffee.


In conclusion Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor is a really hit for me. It really touches on all the high points. It is a very low acidity, mild flavor, full body cold brew. The fresh ground cinnamon that they put in there mixes really well with the coffee flavor. Yes I understand this is flavored however the base of this drink is still the coffee, which is really good. I recommend this drink to anyone, unless you don’t like cinnamon.


Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor Bottle

Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Chameleon Cold Brew: Mexican Coffee Flavor

Price: $3.49 for a 10 oz bottle, $0.35 oz.


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