Chameleon Cold Brew: Chicory Coffee Flavor Review

Chameleon Cold Brew: Chicory Coffee Flavor Review

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Chameleon is the most famous brand in the cold brew coffee game at the moment down here in Texas. Although cold brew isn’t a household name yet, ask people who know about cold brew they know the brand Chameleon. They make multiple flavors which we will be reviewing all of them eventually. The one I am reviewing today is their Chicory Coffee Flavor. According to their website the company was founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas. They use 100% organic Arabica beans and Hill Country Water to produce their drink. The beans are procured using fair trade. They actually roast their own beans in house. Chameleon actually use something called air roasting, which apparently brings out the maximum flavor of the beans but keeping them not bitter. On top of that they only roast in small batches which gives them more control of the bean. They steep the coffee for 16 hours and during that 16 hours they are actually agitated constantly. This helps get more flavor out as during the cold brew process the grinds actually settle. When it settles it is harder to pull flavor out as it is compact. This is where the agitation comes in to keep them constantly afloat. The price of a bottle of this coffee is $3.49 so per oz it is $0.35. This is about the mean price for cold brew coffee.

Before we get into the review let us just review what Chicory is. It is a root that was turned into grinds and brewed along side coffee. It was used to mix with coffee whenever coffee grinds were scarce or expensive, such as during war. It is famously used in Café Du Monde coffee, the ones in the yellowish tins.
Smelling the drink as you open you get a very sweet and light roast smell. Upon the first drink you get a very complex flavor. It is a very easy and smooth drink.The first flavors you get are a sweet and sour taste mixed with a hint of nuttiness on the first moments as it enters your mouth. This is the chicory working its magic. It goes very well with the coffee because it is not overbearing to mask the flavor of the coffee, but complements it. Then afterwards you get a light roast taste of the coffee which is brief. Then afterwards you get a slight bitter taste to finish it off. The light roast flavor last in your mouth a little longer than the average cup of coffee, as well as the sweetness of the chicory. There is no acidity in the coffee, the only sourness is not from the coffee but from the chicory. The price of a bottle of this coffee is $3.49 for 10 ounces, so per oz it is $0.35. This is about the mean price for cold brew coffee.
This is a nice and easy drink from Chameleon again. The coffee goes down smooth with tiny amounts of bitterness at the end. . The chicory really works well to complement the cold brew. It does so by masking some bitterness and adding some body and sweetness. If you are a person that likes mild coffee tastes and just a hint of sweetness this is the drink for you.
Chameleon Cold Brew: Chicory Coffee Flavor Bottle

Chameleon Cold Brew: Chicory Coffee Flavor Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Chameleon Cold Brew: Chicory Coffee Flavor

Price: $3.49 for a 10 oz bottle, $0.35 oz.


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