Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review

Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review


Cappio is a company from Houston. According to their Facebook it looked like they started in 2015. They handpick Arabica coffee beans and then roast them themselves in small batches. They use triple filtered water to steep the roasted coffee for 12-24 hours. The only thing I could find about this company is that they look like a revival of the original Cappio from the 90s which was made by Maxwell House. They actually had bottled iced coffee 4 years before Starbucks in 1992. It actually flopped and was discontinued by Kraft Foods which was part of Maxwell at that point in 1996. Here is the original commercial: Cappio Commerical.


The fragrance from the cup is a nice roast smell with a hint of vanilla.  The first feeling you get when you bring it into your mouth is a mild acidity taste, with some hints of fruity taste. As you bring it into the middle of the mouth the acidity disappears and you get a full flavor of the fruity taste that was slightly hidden in the beginning by the acidity. Then finally as it flows into the back of the mouth you still get the fruity taste at the beginning then the coffee profile slowly comes through. The coffee flavor is perfect it comes through nice and slow and gives you a good amount of flavor.  Throughout the whole drink, I wasn’t able to detect any bitterness at all. The body of the cold brew is slightly around average and stays on your tongue for a little more than the average cold brew.  The price is $5.69 for a 16 oz bottle which is $0.36 per ounce. This bottle makes 4 cups of coffee.


Cappio has thrown a pretty solid hat into the cold brew coffee concentrate ring. It has some acidity but it is intertwined with a fruity flavor to make it more bearable for those that do not like the acidity of coffee. Added to that there is no bitterness. The coffee flavor profile is perfect and works amazingly well with a fruity taste that starts off the drink and how they slowly swap places in the back of the mouth.  Although slightly more expensive than other brands, this is a very good cold brew and highly recommend you try it.

Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Bottle

Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Cappio Website

Price: $5.69 for a 16 oz bottle, $0.36 oz.



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