Califia Farms: Fullshot Flavor Review

Califia Farms: Fullshot Flavor Review

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Califia Farms are best known for making drinks that are totally plant based. They are based out of California however I see them a lot in stores in Texas. Their portfolio ranges from juices to coffee. All their coffee is grown on Rainforest Alliance Certfied farms. Which means their farmers are paid a living wage and are all in good living conditions. There isn’t much else about the cold brew that they brew, except that it says that it is brewed in a few hours, which seems a lot less than the other brands.


This coffee needs a bit of a background, there is so much this bottle is trying to do. First off, Fullshot is trying to be like Bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee started in 2009 by Dave Asprey, what Bulletproof is simple it is a “special” black coffee blend, butter, and MCT oil. MCT oil is medium chain triglycerides. It was supposed to do have all these health benefits from raising your IQ to making you lose weight. I don’t think it does any of those things and is just a scam. Although that being said adding butter into coffee has been done for quite a while now in the Southeastern Asian region. It gave the coffee a more savory fuller flavor. This Fullshot uses almond milk and coconut cream instead of  the butter, but it does have the MCT oil. This thing is really a Fullshot because on top of it being a Bulletproof Coffee, it also on top of that has 6g of protein which is from the protein isolate that is in the drink. This cold brew coffee literally has everything in it.

Once you open the bottle and take a whiff, you get a mocha cappuccino smell. The first thing you will notice with this drink is that it is extremely thick, which is a function of the coconut cream and almond milk. When you take the first drink of the coffee you get a very savory and salty flavor. This is the coconut cream and sea salt. Yes sea salt. There is no acidity or bitterness in the coffee, the coconut cream and sea salt do such a good job covering it. They do such a good job that they even cover the coffee flavor. Meaning there is zero coffee flavor in this drink. When you get towards the bottom unless you drink it fast after shaking, it tastes a little bit gritty at the end. The body of this is drink is slightly above average which is caused by the coconut cream being so buttery it just coats your tongue. The coffee part of this drink also isn’t very strong, I do not feel any affect with it at all. The price of this drink is $2.99 for 10.5 ounces, which is $0.29 per ounce.


If you are interested in drinking a vegan version of Bulletproof coffee and also want to get some extra protein in after a workout this is the best way to do it. The coffee part of this drink was lost on the makers of this drink because there is no coffee flavor at all. It also doesn’t really have a lot of caffeine in it as well. It isn’t really a good drink flavor wise the salt was just too overpowering, I would never drink this again. I in fact didn’t even finish this bottle.

Califia Farms: Fullshot Flavor Bottle

Califia Farms: Fullshot Flavor Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Califia Farms: Fullshot Flavor

Price: $2.99 for a 10.5 oz bottle, $0.29 oz.


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