Brave Roasters: Nostalgia Cold Brew Coffee Review

Brave Roasters: Nostalgia Cold Brew Coffee Review


While I was on my trip to Thailand, I did a quick Google search for one of the top places to get cold brew in Bangkok. The I+d Style Cafe X Brave Roasters was the search result that showed up and was also the closest to where I was. Brave Roasters partnered with I+d Style Cafe to open up a small cafe in the mall. They are in the Siam Discovery Mall, which is already cool by itself. The mall is set up like Ikea but instead of Ikea where there is only one company each company operates in weirdly defined spaces. It has the feeling of walking into someone’s house except that things are on sale. It is a really cool experience to check out. I chatted with the guys at Brave Roasters for a little bit, they have 3 flavors of cold brew currently: The Origins, Nostalgia, and Sukhumvit. They said that all their coffee beans were grown and harvested in Thailand. Each bottle has a label that tells you what region it comes from. They also roast their own beans in house. Hence the name Brave Roasters. This time I am reviewing Nostalgia.


There is a slight peppery smell mixed with a coffee smell as you crack open the bottle. The black pepper smell is something I would never expect from a cold brew coffee. It comes from the licorice that they put in the bottle. At the beginning of tasting, you get a slightly sweet water taste. It is very clean and there is no acidity in the coffee at all. Then as you get into the middle of the mouth you get a slightly sour, earthy, and sweet flavor all coming from the 3 different ingredients that the put in which is the lemongrass, licorice, and the honey. Then at the very end of the tasting, you get more of the earthy taste coming out as well more of the sweetness. It is a taste unlike any other that I have tasted in a cold brew. They somehow transformed the coffee flavor into a tea flavor. It is an amazing intense earthy flavor produced by the licorice and lemongrass blending with the coffee flavor. Then you get that slight bit of sweetness from the honey to make it seem like a cup of honey tea. The body of the drink is only an average body lasting for a couple of moments before leaving your mouth. The price per bottle is $3.72 per 6 oz. That is $0.62 per oz.


The last of the 3 cold brews from Brave Roasters in Thailand. Nostalgia was definitely a unique drink you go in thinking its a coffee and then it hits you with the earthy tea flavors with a slight bit of sweetness. Both tea lovers and coffee lovers have a middle ground with this drink as it encompasses both sides. These guys straight up performed alchemy changing one flavor to another with only 3 simple ingredients. It is amazing that they could even think of using these odd ingredients together and making it work. They truly live up to their name Brave Roasters. If you are ever in the area do yourself a favor and stop by and give these guys a shot, they really know what they are doing.

Brave Roasters: Nostalgia Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Brave Roasters: Nostalgia Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Brave Roasters Facebook

Price: $3.72 for a 6 oz bottle, $0.62 oz.



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