Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review

Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee  Concentrate Review 

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There is a new cold brew that I just recently tried, which is called Black Hole. This is a concentrate and in all my reviews I will be drinking it straight up with no mixing, the true flavor the cold brew. They only sell it in 3 places currently and it is made here locally in Houston, Texas. So it is the definition of local/craft/micro-batch/ hard to find cold brew coffee. They apparently have a brick and mortar coffee shop which I have never been to. It has over 500 reviews on Yelp and 4 stars, so it must be a very good coffee shop, but I digress you aren’t here for coffee shop reviews. You are here only for the cold brew reviews. According to their website, they brew this coffee for 18 hours. They use a local Texan coffee roaster named Big Bend Coffee Roasters, which is located in Marfa, Texas. They use a coffee bean that is grown organically and Fair Trade in Ethiopia. You can feel good about drinking this cold brew because Black Hole is doing it the right way from the growing of the bean all the way to your cup.


On to the review. The first thing is the flavor. Before you even take the first sip you can smell the strong coffee aroma. Like a freshly brewed pot of coffee, the aroma just takes over, which is a good thing.  Compared to the last cold brew I had which was the Starbucks one this one actually had a fragrance. As you take the first sip of the coffee it first hits you with strong bitter notes that envelop your tongue. After that, you taste the strong bold coffee flavor. The roasted flavor of the coffee is very strong, there are also slight notes of chocolate in it. It is a very brief coffee flavor that does not linger. After that coffee flavor rolls off your tongue, the bitter flavor dances on your tongue again. The after taste kinda reminds me of a wooden tongue depressor from the doctor’s office. The body of the cold brew is in the middle, it isn’t light and it isn’t heavy. It doesn’t really linger in your mouth for a long time the coffee flavor bold as it is, only lasts for a short period of time. The acidity is actually very good there is very little acidity left over after drinking the coffee. The price of the bottle was 11.45 for a 32 oz bottle of Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee. That comes out to $0.36 per oz of coffee. So that is about the mean price for cold brew coffee. Cold brew is a bit more expensive compared to hot brewed coffee as hot brewed only takes 10 mins if even and cold brew takes at least 12 hours to brew. This bottle makes 8 cups of coffee.


Overall this cold brew is a very good coffee that you would expect from a local, craft, micro-batch, cold brew. The coffee has a strong bitter before and after taste and in the middle a strong and flavorful coffee roast taste. This might not be everyone’s cup of…. coffee with the strong bitter notes. However, if you are into bold flavors this is the cup of cold brew for you. Of course, this is a concentrate so you can adjust the strength of the flavors but by reviewing the concentrate you can know the backbone of the drink, it is up to you how to adjust it. I personally would buy this cold brew again in the future.

Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: Black Hole Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $11.45 for a 32 oz bottle, $0.36 oz.


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