Acaféla Cold Brew Coffee: Americano Review

Acafela Cold Brew Coffee: Americano Review


I got this in the Yata Supermarket in Shatin in Hong Kong. I got nothing about this company. I can’t even find a website to do a google translate on. It is from Korea and the company makes other types of coffee. This cold brew they are brewing with Ethiopian, Colombian, and Brazilian Beans. That is pretty much all I could find. I also don’t know if their brand name is Acaféla or A Café La.


When you pop off the cap and smell the flavor coming off the bottle you get this coffee/nutty smell. It is actually very unique and have never smelt something like that from a cold brew. There are no other ingredients in here other than coffee and some sugar so the nuttiness is all coming from the coffee bean. The first flavor you get when you first drink it is the sweet water taste. This is from the sugar that they put into it but also the cleanness of the brew as there is no acidity. Then as you get towards the middle of the mouth you get the sweetness leaving and the nuttiness coming through. I can’t pinpoint what the nuttiness tastes like. It almost taste like a couple different flavors of nut put together. The final act of this coffee is an explosion of that nutty taste and a slight hint of the roast flavor behind it. The slight sweetness behind that nutty flavor really work well together. The sweetness enhances the coffee flavor instead of just covering it. There is a really shallow body, it is gone the moment it leaves your mouth. The fact that there is no bitterness or acidity throughout the coffee is truly amazing as there is usually one or the other in the coffee. The price is $3.47 for an 8.12 oz bottle which is $0.43 per ounce


The Acaféla or A Café La cold brew coffee has a unique flavor that works well with the small amounts of sugar they have mixed in. The amount of nuttiness in the coffee is unlike anything I have had before. It is almost as if they cold brewed nuts instead of coffee. It almost was a perfect coffee if not for the high price tag and the shallow body. This would be a good cold brew coffee to get if you are looking for something different and easy to drink. The caffeine content isn’t very high in this either, I actually feel more sleepy after drinking it. I would get this again just because of the flavor.

Here is a link to learn more about their cold brew: None

Acaféla Cold Brew Coffee: Americano Bottle

Acaféla Cold Brew Coffee: Americano Bottle

Price: $3.47 for a 8.12 oz bottle, $0.43 oz.


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